This Kayak clinic is meant for beginners (and intermediate) kayakers, to make them feel comfortable in the whitewater rapids. In three days you will learn all the basics you need for kayaking. You will learn about paddle techniques, safety, balancing and steering, rolling and about river flows and eddies. You practice these skills by slowly moving from gentle waves to a bit more challenging rapids. The last day you will feel confident enough for grade III(+) rapids.

Day to Day

There are two options for you. You can do this course on the Lower Seti or Trishuli river. Usually we take people on the Lower Seti, because this river is relatively warm, but Trishuli is also a great river for beginners. 

Lower Seti

After breakfast we drive to the starting point, just below Damauli, about (maximum) 2 hours away from Pokhara. This is the warmest river in Nepal, because it comes from underneath Pokhara. Every day will be a bit more challenging as the volume increases and the rapids get bigger. The first day you will mostly practice in flat water. The first day you will learn basic paddle strokes, balancing and steering, rescue techniques and the Eskimo roll. The guides will also teach you about the river, river currents, eddies, holes and waves. They teach you how to cross the river, eddy-in and eddy-out, how to scout a rapid and move through the currents. You will have some lunch on a beach on the way. At the end of the day we camp on a remote beach surrounded by jungle. We unpack everything we need, set up our tent and the guides will prepare dinner.

The next day after breakfast we continue our journey. You will start refreshing your memory and keep practicing and improving your new skills. We will experience a few fun rapids. The guides will show you the best way down the river. There is still plenty of flat water to practice your roll or just enjoy the scenery.

The last day will be more challenging, with grade III(+) rapids. You can put all your new skills to the test. Our adventure comes to an end when the Trishuli river joins in, just an hour away from Chitwan. You will get a nice lunch before driving back to Pokhara, to Kathmandu or Chitwan.


You can also do the kayak clinic in Trishuli river. We suggest you to do for 3-4 days to practice your skills and gain more confidence, but it is also possible to just do for one or two days. The program looks pretty much the same as on the Lower Seti. You will learn the same basic kayak skills.

The starting point is about halfway Kathmandu and Pokhara. There will be one set camp, which means after each day you return to the same place to overnight. The river is deeper and wider than the Seti, but also colder. There is a road next to the Trishuli. This gives us the opportunity to tailor the course to you. Depending on your skill we bring you higher up the river for the bigger rapids or stay a little lower to practice more on the same easier section. On the last day you will probably be confident enough to run the biggest rapids. At the end of the trip you can either go to Kathmandu, Pokhara or to Chitwan.


The price per person is €210 (or €70 per day for a shorter or longer course)

Included in the price are a professional English speaking licensed guide, all necessary kayaking equipment, including first aid kits, helmet, lifejacket, spraydeck and wetsuit if required, and transportation. Also included are camping equipment and meals with drinking water and coffee/tea.


Not included are footwear, personal items like swimwear, towel etc, your medical insurance (which you must have), personal expenses, other beverages and optional tips. 


Our basic courses are 3 day courses, but you can always extend your trip or continue practicing in different rivers. It is also possible to start one day in Fewa Lake in Pokhara and then go on the river for three days. Some people find it easier to learn the basic paddling techniques and Eskimo roll in completely flat water, but the water is not that clean. Please contact us for the possibilities if you want to change the itinerary.