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Who are we?

Himalayan Hidden Treasure was founded in 2017, by Subas and Marieke Thapa. Subas is an internationally certified riverguide and has many years of experience in Nepal and abroad. Marieke has a background in social work and started doing volunteerwork in Nepal, where she fell in love with this beautiful country. Now they like to share their love of Nepal with the world and started their own travel company to accomplish this. Our aim is to provide amazing adventures to travelers from all over the world. We offer great Himalayan experiences with the most friendly, caring and professional staff. We offer all sorts of trips, varying from rafting and kayaking, to trekking, sightseeing and even bungee jumping. Safety is our top priority for all our trips. With our knowledge and personal touch we hope to give you a travel experience you are not likely to forget!

10% of the profit we make goes to local community projects

Himalayan Hidden Treasure has a mission to support the local community, by getting locals involved in our work. We take travelers into the community, to help out at schools and teaching  skills to sustain themselves. At the same time, travelers get to know more about local culture, traditions and lifestyle. We also offer a special community trek which gives you the perfect combination of sightseeing and experiencing local culture at the same time.

Our Team

Subas Thapa

Founding Director

Marieke Thapa

Founding Manager

Dil Ale








Why Choose Us?

Personal touch

We want to share our love of Nepal with you. We always listen to you first to personalise your trip. We pay attention to details and support you every step of the way.

Qualified guides

All our guides are passionate about their work and always ready to help. They are highly qualified, with a lot of experience in Nepal and abroad.


Expert Knowledge

We know the beautiful places in Nepal from our own experience. We have travelled around and organized many trips across the country.



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