Rafting & Kayaking in Nepal

Nepal has a wide variety of rivers streaming down from the Himalayas. Here you can find some of the best whitewater adventures in the world. We offer whitewater trips for beginners, families and more experienced rafters and kayakers all across the country, connecting the most popular places in Nepal like Kathmandu, Chitwan, Bardia National Park and Pokhara. Traveling by river is a unique way to explore Nepal, to get off the beaten track and enjoy the beautiful nature that this country has to offer. It will be a lifetime experience!

The trips we offer range from a halfday excursion to a twelve day rafting trip, camping by the riverside. Do you want to combine some rivers? Or extend or shorten your trip? Please contact us for the possibilities!

Whitewater Rafting

Upper Seti Rafting

Half Day Grade III+/IV
Only half an hour driving, thrilling non-stop rapids and amazing views of the Annapurna range on the way. This is without doubt the most exciting thing you can do in Pokhara!

Price €50
Trishuli Rafting

1 Day Grade III/IV
Gorges, beautiful scenic valleys, rice fields and fun river rafting! This trip provides you with a great alternative to the bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara

Price €55
Lower Seti Rafting

2 Days Grade II/III+
Lower Seti is perfect for beginners and families. The river is relatively warm with plenty of time to jump in the water and swim. The river passes through beautiful sceneries.

Price €120
Kali Gandaki Rafting

3 Days Grade III+/IV
Great rapids, wildlife, wonderful sandy beaches, sacred temples, picturesque villages and outrageous waterfalls all combine to make the Kali Gandaki a fantastic river journey

Price €180
Karnali Rafting

10 Days Grade IV/IV+
Karnali is Nepal's longest and largest river, in the far west of Nepal. It streams through the most remote and unhabited areas with jungle rich of wildlife

Price €800

Kayaking & Courses

Beginner Kayaking Course

3 Days Grade II/III+
In three days you learn all the basics you need for kayaking, paddle techniques, safety, balancing and steering, rolling and reading river flows and eddies

Price €210
Intermediate Kayaking

Variable Based on skill
Combine great whitewater with beautiful surroundings. Make your own trip and add rivers, based on your kayaking skills and available time. A unique experience!

Price €70/Day
Multiriver Kayaking

30 Days Grade II to IV+
Travel one month across Nepal by water! With mountain views, jungles, wildlife, remote villages, adrenaline and lots of fun, this trip is a true challenge for experienced kayakers!

Price from €1.800



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